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We provide the most innovative taxi services at Chios Island ! We drive you safely and responsibly because our clients deserve and expect excellence.
We offer executive transfer services and flexible excursions to ensure that your ride through the island of Chios will be an unforgettable experience.
Priority on safety protocols ensure passenger safety at all times, our drivers clean - disinfection the surfaces of the car and ventilate the cabin.
We have the largest fleet of taxi cars in Chios Island, so a taxi vehicle is always available, ready to ride - serve you on time to your destination.
Discover Chios Island with us
The Castle of Chios it is one of the...

The Castle of Chios it is one of the main attractions of the island and an integral part of the city from both a geographical and a historical perspective. That is why it still consists of an inhabited area to this day, being a living part of Chios city.

– The Castle of Chios is located north of the Chios city center.

The windmills consist a monument of...

The windmills consist a monument of great historical and aesthetic value and attract those who are keen on photographs during their visit around the island.

– The windmills is located 1.5 km north of the city built on a small jetty at Tampakika

Mesta is a medieval castle-village and...

Mesta is a medieval castle-village and one of the most beautiful mastic-villages of Chios. Thanks to its fortress-like architecture, untouched by the hands of time, it is considered one of the most impressive villages of Chios.

– It is located at the south-west part of the island, 35 kms away from Chios city

Mavra Volia (Black Pebbles) is a very...

Mavra Volia (Black Pebbles) is a very special beach unlike any other you have seen in the world. What makes it special are its pebbles: they are all colored black because of a volcano explosion many years ago.

– This beach is located south-west, about 30 kms away from the city of Chios


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Our History
Chios Radio Taxi was established as a Transfer Union in 1980. The main target of RadioTaxi is the improvement of transfer our Island, and it always covers the needs of Chios clients with dignity and prestige.
The Fleet
Our fleet consists of 70 safe and comfortable cars, fully certified, with experienced and noble professional drivers. Chios Radio Taxi can satisfy your every special need for transfers and guided tours.
The Office
Our headquarters are located in the city center at the pedestrian street of 17 Aeroporou Vassiliadis Street, we will be happy to welcome you and inform you about the annual taxi advertising packages.