Rules and regulations for the use of Reservation


How to Use Reservation

Upon completion of the reservation, you confirm that you have read, understood and approved the following terms. With the process of completing the reservation for any pending or any change or cancellation of your reservation you must inform Chios RadioTaxi.

Radiotaxi Chios reserves the right to modify the following terms unilaterally without notice to users. Each modified version of these terms is posted on our website replacing the previous one.

In case of undesirable cooperation with the terms and conditions, then you can not make a reservation through our website.

Our services are currently provided in English and Greek.

Services - Reservations

The services provided by Chios RadioTaxi are available online and by telephone. Users of the services must be at least 18 old, have legal capacity and, if acting on behalf of third parties, be duly authorized.

The booking order binds the user, who in any case must pay the corresponding price depending on the method of his choice.

To request and arrange a contract with Radiotaxi Chios, you must follow the booking process on our website. Reservations must be made at least 48 hours before the scheduled transfer.

We have the right to refuse your transfer request if we are unable to comply with your request. You will receive an email informing you. While valid bookings are confirmed by sending an email to the email address you provided during the booking process. If your application is rejected, you have a full refund.

The provision of our services is done online and in addition the possibility of telephone reservation is provided.

In the booking form, you provide us with: names, addresses, telephone numbers, arrival and arrival dates, times and other information that is true. Upon completion of your reservation you receive a confirmation In case the customer checks the data and finds errors, he is obliged to contact us immediately. This information will be used by our partners to get you to your destination on time and closer to your accommodation.

It is pointed out that incorrect, inaccurate and / or false communication information can lead to failure and / or refusal to provide our services and to the exclusion of the specific user from using our website and at the same time the user is responsible for its repayment without to exclude further liability for compensation.

Upon receipt you must show the driver the reservation number otherwise the reservation will be canceled.

The prices of our services listed on our website are in kilometers and are the basis of the taxi pricing policy. In case we need additional clarifications we will contact you by mail.

Any changes to your booking must be sent to us in writing at our email address, confirming receipt of the changes by us at the email address you provided at the time of booking. Modifications are allowed up to 24 hours before the scheduled transfer.

In case the change concerns (different destination, vehicle size, extras, etc.) and results in an increase in costs, you will be notified by e-mail about the additional costs as well as how to pay the extra cost.

Reservation Cancellations

Cancellations made within 48 hours of the scheduled transfer have a withholding of 15%.

If the cancellation is made 12 hours before the scheduled transfer, there is a half refund, while if the cancellation is made 6 hours before the scheduled transfer, there is no refund.

Customer and Chios RadioTaxi Responsibilities

Our partner monitors the arrivals of your plane. We are in constant contact with the Airport and we know if we should and how long to wait for you.

Our partner will be waiting for you at the airport check-in area holding a sign with your details.
However, it is the customer's responsibility to provide a correct and valid contact number, for easy identification. In case of omission of telephone (even international codes) the customer is obliged to contact us so that it is easy to locate him. It is also the customer's responsibility to notify us immediately of any change by telephone or mail, especially in the event of a cancellation or flight loss.

There is a 24-hour communication line (0030 2271041111), Chios RadioTaxi has the right to cancel the transfer and non-refund when it does not have a valid - correct phone number and the customer does not contact us. Refunds are not made when the customer still does not provide the correct arrival information so that we can check and monitor his arrival.

The customer is obliged to inform during the booking process the existence of a child transfer security system, if the minor is traveling, at no extra charge. If the reservation is not mentioned then the vehicle security system is used and always at the rear of the vehicle.

A child or infant is considered a regular passenger.

People with disabilities or health problems should be mentioned when booking so that a vehicle suitable for their needs can be selected.

The traveling pet must be mentioned on the booking form, otherwise the driver has the right to refuse to travel.

Our partners have the right to refuse to carry passengers under the influence of alcohol or misconduct .In these cases there is no refund.

If it is not easy for customers to pick up and drop off at the hotel / accommodation then the vehicle will stop at the nearest point.

If the main highway still has problems due to weather or accident and the vehicle with the customer's consent follows a longer route to arrive at its destination, the additional cost is borne by the customer.


Baggage in excess of the legal size must be stated on the booking, as well as all the information of the owner and his destination must be stated on the baggage. There are additional costs in case additional vehicles are needed to carry the extra unmentioned luggage during the booking process.

The luggage is transported exclusively at the responsibility of the customers and our company does not bear any responsibility for loss or damage.

Chios RadioTaxi is not responsible if the customer includes in his luggage, drugs or prohibited items, nor harmful items that can cause damage or damage.
We recommend fragile or valuable items, such as jewelry, money, checks or other documents, not to be transferred.

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This document was last updated on October 4, 2020.